LSP says Johnson reassigned from voter registration duties

Here’s their report.

The Lone Star Project has learned that Republican Tax Assessor-Collector Leo Vasquez has reassigned Associate Voter Registrar Ed Johnson from voter registration duties to a communications role. Johnson was exposed by the Lone Star Project as “the inside man” to Republican elected officials, particularly State Rep. Dwayne Bohac (HD138-Houston).

Vasquez’s actions appear to be a cynical attempt to distract attention from an ongoing lawsuit in which Vasquez is seeking to withhold documents and other records that would likely confirm that his office improperly rejected as many as 70,000 voter registration applications and improperly handled more than 1,200 provisional ballots.

I haven’t seen this reported anywhere else as yet, so it’s an unconfirmed report. But not a surprising one.

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4 Responses to LSP says Johnson reassigned from voter registration duties

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  2. SLMTEX says:

    Mr. Righteous Election Man,

    Check out Precinct # 122 and ask its Democratic Precinct Chairman , Larry Williams, why he did not have the early votes marked before the opening of the polls in November and in the previous election as well. This guy ran for CITY COUNCIL !!!! His email and phone number are in the Democratic County web site. CALL HIM !!! and print his response in this blog !!!

  3. SLMTEX says:

    Check out the report by Rep. Darrell Isa by the Committee On Oversight And Government Reform ” Is ACORN Intentionally Structured As A Criminal Enterprise I DARE YOU print the summary on this blog !!!

    Mr. Righteous Election Man

  4. SLMTEX says:

    I have not heard from you Mr. Righteous Election Man

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