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Weekend link dump for July 26

One small step for a blog, one giant leap for blog-kind.

White flour! Via Chad.

You are not a Bible character. That goes double for you, Mark Sanford.

Along those lines, this is just putting lipstick on a bunch of pigs.

Apparently, Julia did not approve of “Julie and Julia”.

If you’ve ever had a burning desire to make an idiot of yourself on film, here’s your chance.

Is this the end for the beer coaster?

Bring back Rock 101 KLOL? Only if the pre-gun nut version of Jim Pruett comes with it.

RIP, Gidget, the Taco Bell chihuahua.

If you think health care reform is going to be expensive, not reforming health care will be way more expensive.

Ron Paul, matchmaker.

MLB versus Jon Stewart. Hey, Bud Selig, it’d be nice if y’all went after the guys Stewart was talking about, too.

You have to admit, this would explain a lot.

Running on, running on empty

Finally, we have a Republican health care plan.

The catch that saved the perfect game.

Five-legged dog in Coney Island freak show dispute. With a headline like that, do you actually need to read the story?

Apparently, John Cornyn can see Bangalore from his house. I think maybe it’s time someone updated the Putin over Alaska image.

It really is the case that the thing you can’t find is in the very last place you look.

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