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US Attorney update

Mary Flood notes that while we still don’t have a nominee for US Attorney for the Southern District of Texas, we at least now have a list of finalists.

The committee met with the four folks whose names were sent by the Democratic Congressional delegation for U.S. Attorney in the Southern District of Texas —
Eric Reed
Susan Strawn.
Larry Veselka and
* assistant U.S. Attorney Cedric Joubert.

But they also met with two other assistant U.S. attorneys — ex-Harris County District Attorney Ken Magidson, who has been lauded for his handling on the Rosenthal-to-Lykos months, and civil prosecutor Daniel Hu.

She refers to this committee, which seems to have done a reasonably decent job of putting names together, though as predicted one that’s a little short on female names. We’ll see how long it takes to go from here to an actual appointee, and whether the Republicans in the Senate will be as needlessly obstructionist with this as they’ve been with so many other nominations.

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