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We’ll know who’s running for what soon enough

Matt Glazer notes a Capitol Inside piece that suggests that State Sen. Kirk Watson is staying put, and that Houston Mayor Bill White will shift gears and run for Governor instead of Senate. As one who expected him to run for Governor, I can’t say I’d be disappointed by that turn of events. But the man himself is adamant he’s staying put, as he said in his response to Paul Burka.

I respect Paul B, but my decision-making wasn’t based on politics. Texas would best be served by a new Senator with the strength to do what is right for Texas, the federal experience to hit the ground running, the business skills to help balance the budget, and the broad support to have real influence with the new leadership in DC. The race shouldn’t be about my personal preferences–which would not include the travel required by a Senator. My decision, and the decisions of voters, should be about what is best for Texas.

I see no reason not to take him at his word. As Matt notes, White has been the most successful fundraiser for Senate by far; logic would suggest if any Dem were going to change races it would be John Sharp, who himself has given no indication he intends to do that. I like to speculate as much as anyone, but I don’t see anything more than that here.

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  1. Alan says:

    Bill White isn’t running for Governor, as indicated by a statement from his spokesperson. The Democrats ought to come to terms with the fact that the Republicans have already won the gubernatorial race (no matter who ends up on the ticket) and pray KBH resigns so they can have a go at her Senate seat.

  2. Dennis says:

    I asked Sharp about running for Governor on Monday at the Area 5 meeting in Pasadena, and his response was his wife told him he could only spend 5 million on the race, and that wasnt enough to win Gov. He said that when he jumped in the Senate race, White was running for Gov. He said his guys have polled enough folks to know that Perry is going to beat KBH, and that White will be kicking himself in 16 months because White can beat Perry.

    White was also at the meeting, and gave a stump speech for Senate, but I found it interesting that all of his literature, shirts and stickers, and even the ice cream sandwiches, all say “White for Texas” not “White for Senate”, seems like they would be easily convertible to make a run at Gov.

    I for one hope KBH keeps her seat so White will run for Gov.