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Harris County jail passes re-inspection

Good news from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office:


(HOUSTON, TX) – Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia is proud to announce that the Harris County Jail has passed a reinspection by the Texas Commission on Jail Standards.

The reinspection of the facility at 1200 Baker was conducted last week during a surprise visit from a commission jail inspector. The inspector found that all deficiencies cited in the April 2009 inspection have been corrected. “This [certificate] attests, signifies and demonstrates your department’s dedication and professionalism in providing a safe, secure and sanitary facility,” writes Adan Munoz, Jr., Executive Director of the Texas Commission on Jail Standards in his letter of compliance to Sheriff Adrian Garcia.

“We have been making, are making and will continue to make improvements to the way we operate at every level,” says Sheriff Garcia. “I am very proud of our deputies, detention officers and all those that work hard every day to make sure our jail is safe, sanitary and in compliance with the strictest of standards. This is just another example of our commitment to the safety of our community,” he added.

The commission notified the county in April that the jail system had failed inspection due to several problems, including malfunctioning intercoms, toilets and crowding in holding cells where inmates await processing.

In May, Sheriff Garcia detailed to the commission a plan to make necessary repairs and changes. The latest certificate of compliance reflects the Harris County Sheriff’s Office’s commitment to making these changes.

This just hit my inbox, so there isn’t a story online yet. Here’s what I blogged in May about Sheriff Garcia’s trip to Austin. There’s still a federal inspection to be passed, but this is clearly a big step in the right direction. Kudos to Sheriff Garcia and his staff.

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  1. Emsee says:

    The majority of the department’s morale is extremely shot…

    If the jobs wasn’t thankless enough – forced overtime twice a week in the jail, five or six deputies to patrol the entire south and east side of the county, and way too many buddies on the payroll in created administrative positions.

    HURRAY the jail passed inspection while the rest of the department has gone down the tubes since Sheriff Garcia took over.

    Commissioner Steve Radack isn’t going to let the Sheriff have any money for the stupid toys and things he wants. So now Sheriff Garcia is hiring Reserves to work for free or bottom dollar in the jail and not have to pay any medical, retirement or any other benefits. Where are the unions?

    Yes inmates are still dying in the jail doesn’t make the news if you have hired a bunch of media people spinning the news for you.

    If you ask the “real” employees, they will tell you they hope Sheriff Garcia hurries and leaves for his next political gig before he completely ruins the department, his employee’s and their families and of course the forgotten citizens he is supposed to protect.

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