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Kay to pre-announce

The world’s longest game of “will she or won’t she” may finally be coming to an end. Sort of.

The La Marque City Manager has confirmed Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison plans to officially jump into the Texas Governor’s race on Monday morning with an announcement at La Marque High School.

City Manager Eric Gage says Hutchison chose La Marque as the location for her 8 a.m. event because it is her hometown.

“We are not confirming details of an announcement tour,” said Jeff Sadosky, Hutchison’s campaign spokesman.

Sorry, just pausing for a minute to imagine what the roadies on that announcement tour might be like. Think they’ll sell T-shirts with dates and locations on the back?

A “formal” announcement would come later in August, she said at the time. Her campaign Web site is already emblazoned with a “Kay For Governor” logo.

In other words, this would be just a warmup, like a preseason football game. It won’t count till the “real” announcement gets made. At which point we may get to see if KBH will prove all of my doubts about her impending resignation correct, or if she’ll actually do what she’s said she’ll do. Or, as with just about everything else, she’ll make us wait a little longer to find out for sure.

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  1. Baby Snooks says:

    How many times is she going to “pre-announce” her run for governor while not “announcing” her “retirement” from the US Senate which is probably what it will be if she actually does retire. Which a growing number of observers doubt she will. She likes sure things. And as before, the race for governor is not a sure thing. Unless, of course, Rick Perry decides he is going to retire. Which of course he won’t.

    There is a growing sentiment among Republicans who really don’t like him that the only thing that could be worse than Rick Perry is not a Democrat but Kay Bailey Hutchison.

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