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I don’t know that I would say that the Mayor’s race has lacked spark, but it’s been relatively low key so far. I agree with this:

What does it all mean? That the race remains a toss-up going into the final two months, as each new development has failed to crown any candidate with the title of frontrunner, area politicos say.

“I still see it as a fairly tight race,” said Nancy Sims, a Houston political analyst and former campaign consultant who is blogging about the race. “There seems to be a significant amount of voter apathy. … That means we will see a low voter turnout, and any variety of factors could put one of these candidates into a frontrunner position.”

Those factors include endorsements, fundraising, grassroots networks, advertising, outreach in various Houston communities and the built-in name recognition — or lack thereof — that each candidate brings to the race.

Nancy says on her blog that she regularly encounters people who don’t realize that Mayor White is term-limited out, and are wondering why someone is running against him. Suffice it to say there’s room for the interest level in this election to grow.

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