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I’ve mentioned the Megaregions conference that’s going on in town today and tomorrow. Christof explains what it’s about, why it’s important, and how our area stacks up with others like it. Check it out.

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  1. Appetitus Rationi Pareat says:

    A good article and a good analysis. I think the take away (at least for me) is that we will not see regional high-speed rail in Texas in our lifetime; probably not our children’s lifetime either.

    Given that any action will have to come primarily from the regional level up, its not going to happen in Texas. Except for lip service, the Texas government still refuses to support rail transit. Too many roadblocks including from our own Senators and Congressmen in Washington.

    I’m happy to see some local groups attempting to lay the groundwork on this but save for a huge spike in gas prices (or a huge federal gas tax), Texas will continue to rely almost exclusively on cars and airplanes. If you want to have regional high speed rail as an option you’ll have to move to the Northeast or California….or Europe.