Tuesday mail call

After several politics-free days, my mailbox was overflowing with campaign literature today. Two pieces from the Houston Turnout Project, one that generically advocated early voting and one that advocated for Annise Parker, using language that I daresay we’ll all find familiar. Three concerning the HISD District I race, two for Alma Lara and one for Anna Eastman. And one for Ronald Green, which listed his endorsements yet not his website URL. All were positive pieces – no attack mailers, at least not today. What’s been in your mailbox lately?

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7 Responses to Tuesday mail call

  1. Noah Horwitz says:

    Planned Parenthood PAC.
    I do not see the point though, municipal offices have so LITTLE to do with abortion. Leave it to the State and Federal.

  2. Mainstream says:

    I was disappointed to receive an attack mailer today from Pam Holm’s campaign, making a point of reminding folks that MJ Khan stands for Masrur Javed Khan. In an international city, this seems likely to backfire if interpreted by educated voters as bigotry. The attack says that Khan and Green voted for some excessive expenses, but there is not much detail, just a mention of a Houston Chronicle article from 14 months ago. Both opponents are shown, so that folks can see Green is black and Khan a South Asian, but to her credit the photos are in color and flattering and not the usual black and white, distorted/bad hair day sort of comparison photos common in the business.

  3. Nothing in the mail (Yay!) – I’m outside city limits just a wee bit.

    The phone calls have been driving me bonkers, however: http://runawaylawyer.blogspot.com/2009/10/dear-local-republican-party.html

    Noah, often local officials at least partially run on platforms that their desired position has absolutely no control over, hoping to attract voters who really don’t have a clue but feel strongly about certain issues.

  4. Hoyt says:

    Annise Parker’s use of the word “Plan” in her new mailer is a little more than ironic, particularly since she’s bashed Peter Brown for his use of the word – now she’s using it? Next she’ll say that she’s “always been for change”. Very familiar indeed.

  5. Hoyt, I received that same mailer as you, and as I noted in this post it was not set by the Annise Parker campaign. In fact, as far as I can tell, she has sent no mail of her own, at least according to her finance report. This particular piece was sent by the Houston Turnout Project – click the link in the post to see it. No, I don’t know who they are, and yes, I found the cribbing of Peter Brown’s catch phrase partly amusing and partly boggling. But it wasn’t her campaign that sent that piece of mail.

  6. I'm Over It says:

    The Houston Turnout Project is getting on my last nerve…bad. I voted early on Nov. 30 and that organization has been auto-calling me every day urging me to vote. It looks like they’re endorsing Annise Parker but their harassment tactics will turn more people out to vote AGAINST her rather than for her.

  7. Amy says:

    The houston turn out project has called my house 8 times today. It is annoying!!!!!!
    It is a Saturday and I am trying to spend time with my family.
    I am a responsible citizen who always goes to the polls. This time, however, I feel there are no good choices so I will let people with an opinion vote for me.

    Bombarding me with calls WILL NOT EVER make me go vote. It just pisses me off.

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