And we finally get some coverage of Council races

The Chron has done a good job, as expected, of covering the Mayor’s race, and they’ve provided more coverage than I’d expected of the various HISD Trustee races. But their coverage of the Council races has been basically non-existent, and this story, which is mostly about the two contested At Large races that feature incumbents, doesn’t really add much to what we know. I don’t want to be too critical of author Carrie Feibel, who does what she can with those two contests plus the District D race, but I have to wonder 1) why is it that each race didn’t get its own article – including the Districts B, C, and E races, which get mentioned in passing at the end – as was the case with the HISD Trustee races, and 2) what took them so long to write any kind of story in the first place? I daresay the answer is that they only have so many people available to cover this stuff in addition to the actual news that breaks, and to that all I can say is that it’s a shame it is that way. The story also doesn’t mention any of the five open seat races, which I presume will get separate treatment, maybe all at once and maybe one for the two At Large open races and one for the three open District races. Either way, I’ve got to say, it just ain’t enough.

I should note that in poking around a bit I also found this story that gives a very brief overview of each race along with information about where to vote, and this story from the Alief neighborhood section about that candidate forum, this time focusing on the District F candidates. There may be other stories like that out there, but if so they too were in the neighborhood sections and I didn’t find any of them in a quick perusal. The politics section index page has some other useful information, including a collection of all of the Mayoral profiles and Chron endorsements, plus links to blogs and Mayoral candidates’ social media content, but again not that much about the Council races. And of course you can still listen to my interviews from these races if you haven’t yet. Hope all that’s enough to help you make your decisions about whom to vote for.

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