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Special Thursday video break: You can get anything you want

It’s not the name of the restaurant, it’s the name of the song:

I was hoping to find a video based on the original recording, but failed. Since I always manage to forget to turn on the radio in time to hear its annual airing, this will have to do. So walk on in, it’s around the back.

By the way, am I the last person in the world to realize you can’t buy just this song at the iTunes store? They make you buy the whole album to get it. Even more annoyingly, the album is listed at $9.99, while the other six songs can be bought for the usual 99 cents apiece, thus making this tune, at $3.94 for the balance, probably the most expensive single tune in the store. What a ripoff! Amazon has them beat on both counts, though I’m suspicious of the song’s shorter listed length. And the updated 30th anniversary edition, whose version I can recall hearing once on the radio, isn’t available as an MP3 download. Argh!

Ah, well. Happy Thanksgiving anyway.

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