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Jones v. Christie

And here’s the Chron overview of the At Large #5 runoff between Council Member Jolanda Jones and former SBOE member Jack Christie. I’ve said before that I like CM Jones, and I plan to vote for her in the runoff. I believe she is the favorite to win in the runoff, though not by much. From what I can tell by talking to people, I may be the most optimistic person I know about her chances. It seems to me that Christie may have the strongest level of Republican support among all of the remaining citywide candidates. MJ Khan has never been that popular in Republican circles, Stephen Costello has two Democratic consultants on his campaign staff and downplayed his Republican ties in Round One, and of course both Mayoral candidate are Democrats who will likely split the Republican vote in their race. It wouldn’t shock me if there are more undervotes in the other races than there are in At Large #5 in some parts of town, like out on the west side.

Anyway. My interview with CM Jones is here, and my interview with Christie is here. Both candidates have picked up a couple more endorsements for the runoff, with Jones getting Democracy for America and Christie getting the Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association, who had originally backed Davetta Daniels. I’d like to know what you think about this race, so please leave a comment and let me know.

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  1. Baby Snooks says:

    Quite a few don’t like Jolanda Jones because she is outspoken – her willingness, however, to speak out is a reflection of her integrity which of course is really what quite a few don’t like.

    She really didn’t say anything about the Houston Fire Department that Legal Momentum hadn’t already said when it called Bill White on the carpet in 2008 and while Legal Momentum doesn’t endorse political candidates, be assured that if it did it would endorse Jolanda Jones and whoever opposed Bill White.

    Legal Momentum was polite. Jolanda Jones was a little impolite. Baby Snooks is sometimes just Baby Snooks and so as far as Baby Snooks is concerned, well, misogynist pigs are misogynist pigs and the Houston Fire Department is filled with misogynist pigs.

    Needless to say I intend to vote for Jolanda Jones. For anything she ever runs for.

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