The real reason Governor Perry keeps his travels secret

I think this sums it all up right here.

The governor’s Oct. 24 political trip to Las Vegas to meet with Brian Sandoval, a Republican candidate for Nevada governor, included a bachelor party for Perry’s son, Griffin, spokesman Mark Miner conceded Thursday.

He initially declined to call it a bachelor’s party, saying he would describe it more as a dinner. He confirmed, though, that it was a celebration of Griffin Perry’s upcoming nuptials joined by a number of his male friends.

Miner said he didn’t know how many people attended the dinner and couldn’t provide details about any other festivity, saying he wasn’t there.

So don’t even bother asking about the strippers. That’s need to know only, and you don’t need to know.

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One Response to The real reason Governor Perry keeps his travels secret

  1. Kylie Minogue Fan says:

    He doesn’t keep his travels secret, is the thing. If they were actually secret, there wouldn’t be any news stories like this, right?

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