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Weekend link dump for December 6

No planet status for Pluto, no justice.

Yeah, I can’t believe there hasn’t been one of these before now, either.

Coolio’s kitchen. I got nothin’.

James Garfield is in his rightful place, and all is well with the universe.

The dark side of embedding one’s Twitter feed.

I’ll never look at a Victoria’s Secret catalog in the same way again.

Every once in a while, it’s bracing to be reminded what a bunch of vicious misogynists some political operatives are (via).

Credit card companies would rather keep you in debt till you go bankrupt because they make more money that way.

Ed Gruberman, you must learn patience.” “Yeah, yeah, yeah, patience. How long will that take?” (In case you’re not familiar.)

Ideally, Republicans would love Medicare to death if they could.

RIP, Tommy Heinrich.

Of girls and geeks. And on a tangential note, meet Justine Siegal, the first woman to coach on a men’s professional baseball team.

Does this mean they might stop running those stupid map ads? No? Well, forget it then.

If any of those so-called “deficit hawks” are serious about it, here are some good ideas.

Yes, indeed, let’s dumb things down so our junior Senator is able to understand them.

I love it when Senators get snarky.

If you’ve otherwise mostly avoided the Tiger Woods media frenzy, I recommend reading Charles P. Pierce on the subject.

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