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Council to hear Ashby appeal

Via Nancy Sarnoff, the developers of the Ashby Highrise will appeal the dismissal of their appeal of not getting everything they wanted when their project was finally approved back in August. There’s a public hearing Tuesday and a Council vote Wednesday (assuming no tag), and they’ll have company for each. I presume they’ll eventually lose, and then we’ll see if they go ahead anyway, or file a lawsuit. This may be a mess that the Mayor after the one we elect on Saturday inherits.

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  1. John says:

    lawsuit time, and I know this will be unpopular but they will win b/c the law is on their side. The case has nothing to with taste, will it ruin a neighborhood etc, but instead their initial permit wis given the green light. Then White lead by his money backers was told to kill the deal and he did. This is going to cost the city some money.

  2. Baby Snooks says:

    I suspect there will be a lawsuit because the two “co-chairs” of the “opposition” are on the list of Annise Parker’s supporters, and they’re not $50 supporters, and judging from the comments she herself has made she fully intends to follow Bill White’s lead and start huffing and puffing and doing everything she can to blow the nasty old hirise down. And end up costing the taxpayers in an even worse lawsuit than is probably already being planned. The first of many lawsuits no doubt we will see as a result of her following the lead of Bill White.

    One thing the next mayor will have to contend with is the condemnation most expect along Richmond which will happen despite everyone saying it won’t. Anyone who drives along Richmond knows it ain’t all going to fit unless some easement is taken. Anyone who drives along Richmond knows in some places there isn’t really any easement to take unless you take some buildings along with the easement.

    Something neither Gene Locke nor Annise Parker got into but then no one asked. Amazing how much wasn’t really asked in this campaign.

    The economy seems to have taken care of a problem that has overwhelmed other areas besides Southampton and Boulevard Oaks but reality is if we do not address the matter of “overdevelopment” we are going to end up living in a city where you will need a helicopter in order to move around. Time for long-range planning instead of whatever makes the developer of the moment happy. And that includes the matter of easements and set-backs that are being “varianced” all over the place and one prime example of the problem that creates is along Woodway between 610 and Sage Road. Woodway simply cannot be widened in certain sections unless you remove some buildings. Something no one considered when the permits were approved. And Woodway isn’t the only thoroughfare where that problem exists.

    I still say the developers of 1717 Bissonnet should donate the land to West U for a new sewage treatment plant.

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