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Council rejects Ashby appeal

I know, I can’t believe it, either.

The Houston City Council on Wednesday eliminated the final option outside the courthouse for the developers of the Ashby high-rise to gain approval of the 23-story, mixed-use development they first sought to build more than two years ago.

The council unanimously rejected the developers’ appeal seeking permission to build a dense concentration of apartments or condominiums, a spa, a restaurant, office space and street-level shops at 1717 Bissonnet. These plans had previously been rejected by city traffic engineers and an administrative appeals panel.

The developers, Matthew Morgan and Kevin Kirton of Buckhead Investment Partners, said they would pursue all available options, including a lawsuit, to build the project as originally conceived.

Start the lawsuit countdown watch, I guess. I was half-kidding when I suggested that this may be a problem Mayor Parker’s successor inherits, but perhaps the half-not-kidding part will prove to be correct.

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