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Weekend link dump for January 17

Bicycling in San Antonio.

The Bloggess is in your government, Twittering away.

It’s never the offseason for talking about paying college athletes.

When statheads talk about musicals, it’s a beautifully geeky thing.

I’m curious why we don’t hear more about this from the “original intent” fetishists. You don’t suppose the fact that their argument would advance the cause of a Democratic president has anything to do with it, do you?

Equivalence. Or maybe not. To put it another way: What Ta-Nehisi said.

AOLTimeWarnerOfBorg, ten years after.

I figure headline writers get an opportunity like this maybe once in a lifetime. Via Letters from Texas.

Nobody’s perfect, not even Jon Stewart.

Once again, self interest is stronger than the crazy.


Mythbusting, old school.

What to do about in-car WiFi.

I for one support the Too Big To Fail Tax. It’s pretty much a no brainer.

The Dad Who Read.

Ever wonder what Charlie Brown’s career record was as a pitcher and manager? Well, wonder no more.

Pat Robertson is a vile, despicable person.

I was born and raised on Staten Island. I still have family there. And nobody I know ever took a goddamn helicopter to get on or off the Island.

Democrats win a special election in Virginia. Let’s hope it’s a good omen.

Why Mark McGwire kept his mouth shut the first time around. It sure would be nice if the people who are now condemning him would keep that in mind.

Perhaps if professional political punditry were less pedestrian, there would be fewer political bloggers.

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