White reports $2.5 million raised

Not too shabby.

[Democrat Bill White] reported raising $2.5 million from Dec. 4, when he got into the [Governor’s] race, and the end of 2009: about $90,000 a day, according to his campaign.

Counting “transfers and in-kind donations” his campaign has collected more than $6.2 million, with about $5.5 million remaining in the bank. That figure, you’ll recall, is about half what Perry and Hutchison had on hand Dec. 31.

True, but they’re about to spend all of their cash ripping each other apart. White will have to spend some money in the primary, too, but it’ll be in a much more positive fashion. He will be fairly close to parity with whoever survives the GOP race, and at anything close to that pace from December, which would generate over $16 million for the next six-month reporting period, he’ll be in good shape to compete.

On a related note, in addition to picking up the Texas State Teachers Association endorsement last week, White has also locked up the support of all 12 Democratic State Senators, and 66 of 73 Democratic State Reps. The seven holdouts, in case you’re as curious as I was:

Joe Pickett – HD79
Tracy King – HD80
Joe Heflin – HD85
Robert Alonzo – HD104
Trey Martinez-Fischer – HD116
Senfronia Thompson – HD141
Al Edwards – HD146

Again, not too shabby. We’ll get Farouk Shami’s fundraising report tomorrow. I’m sure it’ll have a large chunk of his own money, which is fine as long as he doesn’t pull a John Sharp on us.

UPDATE: Stace has more.

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