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That was the debate that was

I’m generally not the debate-watching type, so I managed to find some other way to spend my Thursday evening that did not involve the Perry/Hutchison/Median tete-a-tete-a-tete. Plenty of other people did, however, some because they were paid to do so and some because they derive (sheer perverse) enjoyment from it. Some of those folks include:

Burka, who thought Rick Perry sounded better than he looked.

Bob Moser, who thought Perry sounded awful.

Eileen Smith, who wanted to know “Is this the best we can do?” (Hint: No).

BOR, who liveblogged and provided a statement from Bill White.

PDiddie, who rounded up other coverage, including a statement from Farouk Shami.

George Nasser, who scored it for KBH and said “if this is what we have to look forward to in the Republican primary, political fact-checkers are on the gravy train.” He also did a liveblog.

Team coverage from the Trib: Liveblogging, video, more video, analysis – the headline is “Not exactly a game-changer”, and links to other reports.

You will no doubt be shocked to learn that McBlogger was not impressed by any of the debate participants.

On the Move corrects a claim that Medina and KBH made about TxDOT.

Perry Vs World thought KBH needed to make the most of her limited opportunities to strike back at the frontrunning Perry, but didn’t quite do it.

RickVsKay agrees that “Kay never landed a big upper cut.”

Come and Take It has an open thread on the debate, and wonders if Perry really was as “aloof” as some have said.

My apologies to anyone I missed.

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