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Bill White on the air

I’d been wondering when Bill White would start spending some of the dough he’s raised on TV ads. Now I know: Here’s his first ad:

And here’s one in Spanish:

Those of you who remember his 2003 Mayoral campaign will find the white backgrounds reassuringly familiar. And it’s nice to see someone talk about education since none of the Republican candidates are. BOR has more, and I’ve included a translation of the Spanish ad beneath the fold, via press release from the White campaign. What did you think?

UPDATE: Martha was favorably impressed. Burka thought it was decent.

Translation of the Spanish ad:

I’m Bill White. I was born in San Antonio.

My parents were teachers.

Education is the most important issue for our future.

As your Governor, I’ll work every day to better our schools because our children deserve a tomorrow full of opportunities.

Bill White. A Governor for the future of Texas.

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