East Enders appeal to El Franco

As we know, the main holdup with the proposed East End location for Dynamo Stadium is that County Commissioner El Franco Lee, in whose precinct the stadium site mostly sits, has not indicated that he intends to put the issue on the Court’s agenda. At this week’s meeting, he heard from some constituents who want to see this move forward.

Residents of the Houston East End said Harris County Commissioner El Franco Lee was the key to the construction of a stadium for the Major League Soccer team Houston Dynamo — and accused him of stalling the project.

“Without the Dynamo I don’t think [this area] can survive,” said Khen Ly, the owner of the Kim Sung supermarket, east of Downtown Houston.

Residents pushed Harris County commissioners to sign off on the project Tuesday morning, but Lee refused to take a stand when pressed by East End resident Marilu De La Fuente.

“Mister [Lee], you are known as the Godfather,” she said. “I know know you will do the right thing.”

Much of the 12-acre site proposed for the stadium sits in Lee’s county precinct. He has stayed quiet on the subject for months. Again on Tuesday, he dodged reporters who wanted to ask him about his position.

It would be nice to have some idea of what Commissioner Lee’s reluctance is all about so that it might be addressed if possible, but he has never said. This is Senate-quality dithering here. All I can say to those of you in the area is to keep up the pressure. One presumes that sooner or later he’ll feel the need to deal with it. Thanks to Houstonist for the link.

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