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Endorsement watch: Cisneros for Bell-Metereau

I’ve written about the GOP primary in SBOE District 5 a couple of times, as there’s a sensible Republican (Tim Tuggey) running against incumbent wingnut Ken Mercer there. SBOE 5 also has a competitive Democratic primary, and by all indications I’ve seen the best candidate among them is Texas State University English professor Rebecca Bell-Metereau. She got a nice coup this week when former San Antonio Mayor Henry Cisneros endorsed her candidacy.

“Rebecca Bell-Metereau is the kind of person Texas families need at the State Board of Education. She’ll stand up for our neighborhood schools, our children and our future,” Cisneros said.

“She knows that the State Board of Education should focus on our children and schools, not a right-wing agenda. That’s why I’m supporting her–Rebecca will stand up for Texas kids,” he said.


“Republican incumbent Ken Mercer is a divisive figure on the board. He uses his seat as a platform from which to ignite controversy and fight skirmishes over obscure ideological points rather than to serve the real-world needs of schoolchildren, parents and teachers,” Bell-Metereau said.

Bell-Metereau is one of four Democrats running for the nomination. She is the only candidate picking up major endorsements from Democratic organizations and education groups.

“When I’m elected, I will work to return the SBOE to its core objective, which is to ensure that our neighborhood schools are the envy of the nation,” Bell-Metereau said.

That would be nice, wouldn’t it? Those of you in the San Antonio area, take a look at Rebecca Bell-Metereau and consider giving her your vote in the primary. Thanks to BOR for the tip.

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  1. The district includes South Austin (indeed all of Travis County south of the river) down to northern Bexar (roughly just north of 410). It wraps around to the west through the Hill Country, then swings east to pick up Bell. What the heck … y’all can look at a map here:

    Rebecca just sent her first mailing to likely Democratic voters, and we hope to follow up with a second. She is running a bigger campaign in the primary than most SBOE candidates do in the general. While we hate to spend the money now, one of the opponents who has raised little money is named for a famous frontiersman, and we’re trying to avoid the “Gene Kelly Effect.” Yard signs are also available for the district, and there will be more.

    Please support Rebecca’s campaign with a donation at: