Endorsement watch: Family district courts

Another batch of Chron judicial endorsements. Here are their recommendations for the Family District Courts in the Democratic primary:

245th District Court: Janiece Horn
247th District Court: Clinton “Chip” Wells
308th District Court: Bruce Kessler
310th District Court: Judy Dougherty
311th District Court: Brad Morris

They also have endorsements in five GOP Family District Court primaries, two of which are different than the ones listed above. They still have the county courts and JP courts, plus one Republican primary for State Supreme Court to go, not to mention all of the non-judicial races. Off the top of my head, that includes:

– Ag Commish and Land Commish (Dem)

– County Judge (Dem), County Clerk (Dem and GOP), Tax Assessor (GOP), and District Clerk (GOP)

– CD22 (Dem) and CD29 (GOP)

– HD146 (Dem), HD127 (GOP), HD134 (GOP), and HD148 (GOP)

I may be missing something, but I know those are in play. Not counting Primary Day itself, they have eight days to get them all done. Let’s see how they do.

Finally, I have updated the Google spreadsheet to include a listing of endorsements for candidates in races where I did not receive any Q&A responses. I still have to vote in these races, so I may as well use whatever information I can find to help me figure it out.

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