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Friday random ten: Q it up

I’m not even going to pretend that I tried to find ten songs that begin with the same Q word. Frankly, I think the fact that I have ten songs that begin with the letter Q at all is pretty darned good.

1. Quail – Sun Electric
2. Quam Pulchra Es, JD44 – Antony Pitts
3. Quartet (A Model Of Decorum And Tranquility) – from “Chess”
4. The Queen and The Soldier – Ceili’s Muse
5. The Queen of Argyll – Silly Wizard (and also Ceili’s Muse)
6. Queen of the Slipstream – Van Morrison
7. Queen of the Star – Trish & Darin
8. Question of Life – Fishbone
9. Question of U – Seela & Darwin
10. Quick – Eddie from Ohio

A quick search of the ol’ iTunes library shows 30 songs besides these that contain the letter Q somewhere within the title. How many Q songs do you have?

Entire song report: Started with “Concerning Charlie Horse”, by Great Big Sea. Finished with “Cryin’ Time”, by Ray Charles, song #948, for a total of 93 tunes this week. I’ll be hitting the D’s and song #1000 soon.

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One Comment

  1. Linkmeister says:

    I’ve got ten, but only if you count all three versions of MCC’s “Quittin’ Time.”

    Quarter To Three – Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
    Queen Jane Approximately – Bob Dylan
    Queen Of The Supermarket – Bruce Springsteen
    Question – The Moody Blues
    A Quick One, While He’s Away – The Who
    Quiereme Mucho – Linda Ronstadt
    Quiet Houses – Fleet Foxes
    Quittin’ Time – Mary Chapin Carpenter