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NFL to consider new overtime rules

But only for the playoffs, at least for now.

Under the new format, both teams would get the ball at least once unless the first team to get the ball scores a touchdown, Greg Aiello said. If the first team to get the ball makes a field goal and the other team ties the game, action would continue until a team scores again.

Under the current rules, the first team to score wins.

“There have been various concepts that have been discussed in recent years, but this one has never been proposed,” Aiello said.

I confess, I rather like the NCAA’s way of breaking ties. But this is better than what the NFL is doing now, which leaves teams too dependent on the coin toss. I say give it a try and see how it goes, and be willing to do the same thing in the regular season. What do you think?

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  1. Mike says:

    I prefer NCAA rules as well. Let the best team win – regardless of how long it takes. Don’t leave it to chance – or to the first team that scores – both teams may have bad defenses and great offenses – first touchdown doesn’t really make this much better than how it is now.

  2. Mase says:

    NHL playoffs have the best. Keep playing extra periods, until time expires, and the team ahead wins. No ‘first-to-score’, no bizarre give-each-team-the-ball-at-arbitrary-placed-yardline, just play another quarter to the end. If tied, play another.

    Why NHL playoffs are one of the best sporting events to watch (and I hate hockey otherwise).

  3. […] As you know, I prefer the college overtime system, which feels to me like extra innings in baseball. That it always allows each team a chance to be on offense is why I like it. But this change, however tiny, is still better than what the NFL has now. […]