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The SBOE continues on its rampage

Sadly, despite the encouraging election results in the SBOE races last week, there’s still plenty of opportunity for the Board’s troglodyte caucus to wreak havoc on the schoolchildren of Texas.

The State Board of Education’s Hispanic and African American members clashed with its Anglo majority for hours today over how to present history to the state’s 4.7 million public school children.

Much of the conflict centered on the racial balance of historical figures that will be included in textbooks starting in the 2011-2012 school year. When sex or religion was added to the mix, temperatures boiled.

Members grew increasingly distraught over the process as they moved toward a preliminary adoption of new socials studies curriculum standards, set for Friday.

If it’s not too depressing, you can read the ongoing heroic efforts by the Texas Freedom Network to bring you all the gory details. The Trib, Dave Mann, Steve Schafersman, and Kate Alexander have more. The SBOE isn’t going to give up its title of Most Embarrassing Elected Body without a fight, that’s for sure.

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