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From the “Tell us something we didn’t know” department

We don’t actually need the CREW crew to tell us that we have one of the worst Governors in the country. We’ve known that for a long time. But it never gets old saying it, and I must admit their timing is pretty good. So thanks, CREW. We do appreciate it. The Trib, Texas on the Potomac, and BOR have more.

For what it’s worth, I thought that when KBH finally got around to campaigning and started running ads about Rick Perry’s crony-tastic behavior, it was one of the few effective things she did in that race. (You can see those ads here if you need a refresher.) Maybe, just maybe, if she’d started pounding him with some of that stuff a lot earlier, before he’d thoroughly decapitated her, she might have remained competitive. We’ll never know about that, but I hope we’ll get to see how it works in the general election.

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