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Central City Co-Op Fundraiser

Central City Co-Op, Houston’s original organic co-op, is doing its annual fundraiser at this time. The following is from Tiffany Tyler, the chair of the Central City Co-Op Board, and also my wife:

At the Car Wash...

At the Car Wash...

Central City Co-op is partnering with Bubbles Express Car Wash to offer car wash tickets benefiting the Central City Co-op capital campaign fund. Central City Co-op is the original organic vegetable Co-op in Houston, serving over 200 households each week with fresh organic vegetables from local farms and a national organic distributor. Our new home inside Grace Lutheran Church at 2515 Waugh allows us to bring more local produce to our community, with a larger cold storage room and easy visibility. Central City is committed to building community around good food, and in addition to our retail operations, we do outreach work in local schools and donate produce each week to organizations that feed the hungry in our community.

Tickets for the Bubbles Express Choice are $8- the same as a drive-up price at Bubbles for their wash with rainbow foam wax, including free use of the vacuum cleaners. For each ticket sold, Central City keeps $4. Funds raised will help Central City build a cash reserve to cover anticipated summer utility bills and continue to donate produce each week. Tickets are available each Wednesday at the Co-op, 2515 Waugh at Missouri, inside Grace Lutheran Church. Tickets may also be purchased from co-op members at select classes at Studio NiaMoves, 508 Pecore in the Heights, or from our friends at New Living, 6111 Kirby Drive in the Rice Village. You can also email [email protected] for ticket sales.

Handwashing your car at home uses anywhere from 3-10 times as much water as a car wash at Bubbles. Water then runs down your street into the storm drains untreated. At Bubbles, the water is filtered and reused, then filtered again before going into the sanitary sewer for treatment at a city water plant. So having a clean car can be environmentally friendly, too!

These are great gifts!!! Moms, Dads, teachers and grads can all use a car wash! It’s an inexpensive gift that doesn’t take up storage space or attract dust, is always the right size, won’t make anyone fat AND they support a great cause! What could be better?

You can also drop me a note or leave a comment here if you’re interested in buying car wash tickets. Thanks very much.

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