Lemonade Day

It’s time for Lemonade Day again this Sunday. As was the case last year, Olivia will be running a stand. If you’re friends with me on Facebook you can click on my page for details. Olivia will also be helping out Central City Co-Op by offering a deal to folks who buy a car wash ticket to Bubbles Express. Anyone who purchases the $8 car wash ticket (half of which supports the capital campaign of Central City), gets a FREE glass of lemonade (1 to a customer). PLUS, 20% of the profits from her lemonade sales are going to be donated to the Houston SPCA, where she hopes to be picking out her new dog soon. It’s a win-win all around.

If you can’t wait till Sunday, Central City will also be selling their car wash tickets at First Saturday Art Market in the Heights on Saturday from 11-6. This is an awesome event featuring talented local artisans, and some really good food trucks and musicians. And it’s Mother’s Day next week, right? So you need to be gift shopping anyway. Whether Mom loves art, or a clean car or pickled veggies or local coffee, you can get your needs met at First Saturday Arts Market. Hope to see you at one or both of these.

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3 Responses to Lemonade Day

  1. Lonnie Allsbrooks says:

    I support Lemonade Day and appreciate all those who help in raising funds for their charity. I don’t support all those who are participating in Lemonade Day if they are not following the law, the laws(ordinances) that people forget they supported and than comes back and bites them on the ass. All food items, beverages are food, that are for sale(an advertised amount), needs temp. food permit or if complimentary, donations not mandatory, unless the charity has a permit for each location. My point being, quit supporting the ordinances that you can not obey when passed and let’s stop creating New ordinances, when we are not enforcing the ones in place now, except when you upset someone with a little control. Have a Great Lemonade Day!!!!

  2. Jj says:

    I had the same thought about that photo before i read the first comment. Be sure Olivia goes to her 6 hour City training session, gets a permit, passes inspection, coordinates with some city department so that there isn’t too much lemonade in some parts of the city and too little in other parts, gets permission from the city to set up in what looks like a park in that photo…

  3. Tiffany Tyler says:

    FWIW, Olivia is being supervised by someone who has taken the required city training, and does carry a food thermometer. The spot we are using is a private piece of land maintained by our civic association, and we have their implied permission (they announced on Facebook that they looked forward to seeing neighborhood kids run their stands tomorrow).

    While it is true that we have not pulled a $75 permit from the Health Department, I believe they do not intend to be out enforcing tomorrow. Of course I could be wrong, and we will then have a fine to pay.

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