NCAA regionals: Did we mention there are still tickets available?

The first-ever NCAA Regional Finals in Houston continues to provide me with easy entertainment.

From the moment tickets went on sale March 19, 2007, through the run-up to the 2008 Tournament, upward of 31,000 tickets were sold for this weekend’s South Regional at Reliant Stadium.

With an estimated capacity of 43,880, that means roughly 13,000 tickets are left for the three games on tap, and since the remaining seats likely are in less-than-desirable areas of the stadium, fans might want to consider their options.

“Less than desirable”? But I thought every seat was a good one!

“Having a facility the size of Reliant, we needed a Texas- or Memphis-type team in there with a large interest or large draw,” said Jim Barr of Ticket Attractions. “I don’t think this regional could have had any better matchup than it did or got. We were very fortunate.”


Reliant Stadium, Ticketmaster and brokers are all still offering tickets. It might take some maneuvering, not to mention patience, to sit where you want for a price you desire, but at least Joe Fan can buy his way into the festivities, which wasn’t the case when Reliant hosted Super Bowl XXXVIII four years ago.

“There aren’t a lot of opportunities for people in the community to buy tickets to the Super Bowl,” said Reliant Park president Shea Guinn said. “And that’s how this is different. Anybody can go out there and get a ticket if they want to come.”

Like the ticket brokers, Reliant Park officials could not have asked for a more ideal scenario than Texas making its way to Reliant Stadium. A team with strong regional ties virtually guarantees a sellout.

Okay then. Let’s get those less-than-desirable seats sold so nobody looks like a fool for predicting a sellout that wasn’t.

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One Response to NCAA regionals: Did we mention there are still tickets available?

  1. Joe says:

    I really wanted to go see my Longhorns on Friday, but the only available tickets were sky high up at the top for around $190. I realize that’s a ticket to both games on Friday, but I still have absolutely no desire to shell out 200 bucks to watch the game through binoculars. I’ll be at SRO and I’ll probably be much happier.

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