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More on the Metro lawsuit settlement

As we know, the Metro document shredding lawsuit has been pulled from the court docket in anticipation of a settlement agreement. The Chron has more on what that settlement agreement might entail.

The proposed settlement of an open-records lawsuit against the Metropolitan Transit Authority would require Metro to pay the legal fees of the plaintiff, Lloyd Kelley, and to improve its policies for preserving public documents, Kelley said Monday.

The agreement, however, wouldn’t address the lawsuit’s allegations that Metro officials have improperly destroyed public documents, said Kelley, a lawyer and former city controller.

That issue would be left to criminal investigators, Kelley said. The Harris County District Attorney’s office launched an investigation in March.

My advice for Metro is to be prepared for sticker shock. You’ll want to know what those legal fees will amount to before you sign on the dotted line. We’ll see if that actually causes a problem in the negotiations.

As for the criminal probe, that’s the more appropriate vehicle for settling the question about what Metro may or may not have done. I have no idea when that may conclude. Houston Politics has more.

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