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Nightly News Update: Monday Edition

More up-to-date linkage while Kuff sings Kumbaya in the wood goes on a snipe hunt.

» Chron: Kids’ failure is adult’s ‘success’ (Rick Casey)
Maybe it’s just me, but the immediacy of this column seems a bit like an afterthought since TEA chief Robert Scott has already announced sent a non-descript email to nervous school admins that he’s thinking about modifying or possibly kinda dropping the whole Texas Projection Measure nonsense. If he’s looking for a rug to sweep the thing under, I guess someone should tell him that politics is a tough business in that regard.

» Chron: Museum to stay open 24 hours for ‘corpse flower’
I’m all for expanding the museum experience, but a 24hr vigil for the stinkiest flower known to mankind strikes me as one tough draw. That said, it beats what the zoo has going on.

» Two words: Coach Bagwell. I’d consider it one of life’s great ironies if the player with the weirdest batting stance turned this team around.

And in news that Kuff wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole: Carrie Underwood is now married and Paul Gilbert has a new instrumental CD coming out. The first pretty much balances out the fact that Sandra Bullock is once again on the market. The latter is payback (in the form of career longevity) for the fact that Mr. Big never had a #1 hit for one of their heavier tunes.

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