TSU talks to Dynamo about sharing the stadium

This makes a lot of sense.

Texas Southern would like its football team to play in the downtown stadium being proposed by the Dynamo, but the extent of the university’s interest has been limited to talks with the team.

Incoming TSU athletic director Charles McClelland confirmed the school’s interest in the project Friday night but denied knowledge of negotiations that would involve the contribution of funds toward the construction of the building, whose estimated cost is between $105 million and $110 million.

“I can pretty much confirm that TSU hasn’t offered any money,” McClelland said. “There have been talks but not a negotiation; I don’t think we have entered into the negotiation stages, at least to my knowledge.”

Dynamo president Oliver Luck said last week that TSU had expressed interest in playing its football games at the proposed stadium, for which team ownership is seeking partial funding from the city of Houston, something McClelland confirmed this week.


“It’s something we desperately need for our student-athletes, a brand-new stadium, and we think it would help the overall direction of the program,” [McClelland said.]

TSU plays most of its football games on campus.

More uses for a stadium is always better than fewer. The new facility is sure to be better than what TSU is currently using, and having them as a tenant will make the financial picture better for the Dynamo. I hope they can work this out.

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  1. TAN says:

    Let’s hope TSU still exists by then Charles, if Gov. 30% has his way, it will be in the archive footage of the city by the time the stadium is built. I hope the TSU question becomes a big LITMUS test for the new candidate for Governor!

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