Still steroid-free

No juicing here.

The University Interscholastic League on Thursday released results of [steroids tests of high school athletes] for the spring semester of the 2009-2010 school year. Of the 3,308 boys and girls tested last semester, all of the student athletes were clean.

About 50,000 tests since February 2008 have found only about 20 confirmed cases of steroid use.

The program has been shrinking since lawmakers created it in 2007 with a $3 million annual budget. In May 2009, when the small number of positive tests caused some to question whether testing should be stopped, state lawmakers cut the program to $1 million annually.

It’s now down to $750K. Which ought to be the first thing erased from the budget next biennium, since clearly we’re spending all that money on a non-problem. That’s obvious to most people, but sadly not to deficit poseur David Dewhurst. If he gets his way again and saves it for another session, be sure to ask yourself what it was that Dewhurst preferred to cut instead of this.

UPDATE: Grits suggests redirecting the money instead. I’m okay with his idea.

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