Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs

I mentioned there were pro-preservation ordinance signs out there, so I thought I’d show what they look like:

'Yes to protecting our historic districts'

The link is to, the Houston Historic Districts Coalition. It’s a busy little website, especially in contrast to the Responsible Historic Preservation folks. As I said before, I’ve seen a lot more of the RHP signs than I’ve seen of these, and most of these I’ve seen east of Studewood, in the Woodland Heights. West of Studewood, in the Houston Heights, it’s almost all anti-ordinance signs.

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3 Responses to Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs

  1. racymind says:

    I was just test riding bikes around White Oak & Arlington on the new bike trail. It was about 50/50 with a slight edge to the anti-ordinance crowd.

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  3. Jeff N. says:

    In Woodland Heights, like Kuff says, the pro-ordinance signs dominate. The only two exceptions near me are “new constructions,” built on lots where older bungalows were torn down by developers. One of those two lots is currently under construction, and so the sign was probably posted by the developer/builder. Seems ironic to see this lot, where a bungalow was torn down this summer, with a new house being framed, and a yard sign saying “Preservation: YES.”

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