Interview with Loren Jackson

District Clerk Loren Jackson

Next up is Loren Jackson, who is finishing up the unexpired term of Harris County District Clerk that he won in 2008 after incumbent District Clerk Charles Bacarisse resigned to run in the GOP primary for County Judge. Jackson has been a whirlwind of activity in the HCDC’s office, swiftly implementing major upgrades to the Clerk’s website, and being widely lauded for that work. He’s also responsible for bringing WiFi to the Jury Assembly room. Here’s what we talked about:

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You can find a list of all interviews for this cycle on the 2010 Elections page.

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3 Responses to Interview with Loren Jackson

  1. Ron in Houston says:

    The upgrades to the clerk’s website are a major deal. Way to go Lauren – you’ve got my vote.

    He just looks so young. All the lawyers joke about whether his Mother knows he’s out “playing” District Clerk.

  2. Ron in Houston says:


    You’ve got my vote even if I can’t spell your first name….

  3. Jeff N. says:

    His opponent is an inexperienced law student who carries a lot of baggage, according to his GOP primary opponent:

    I hear there are Republican judges who believe Loren is the better candidate.

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