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Rick Perry’s manly man event

Say what?

In an invitation circulating this week, Governor Rick Perry is inviting some of his closest, wealthiest friends to a “Wild Game” dinner in Houston–just not their wives.

The invitation from Perry’s State Finance Chair James H. Lee boasts an all-male host committee and encourages interested men to “share your views” with the Governor during an all-male dinner hour. “We are limiting the crowd so you will have a chance to talk to Rick,” it reads, and notes that after dinner, “wives/significant others join us for Pat Green.”

Once again, I am forced to quote Dogbert: “Sometimes, no sarcastic remark seems adequate.” I’ll have to settle for suggesting this as the theme song for the event:

Christy Hoppe, who takes an appropriate tone, has more.

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One Comment

  1. TexanforJustice says:

    Why would any woman in Texas vote for this career politician? This act of male dominance is truly outrageous, but not unexpected.