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Saturday video break: They live inside of my head

The MOB performed an arrangement of Cheap Trick’s “Dream Police” during last week’s show. Not too surprisingly, none of the current students in the sax section had ever heard of the song before, though they did like it. So I went off to YouTube to find a decent video of it. This is what I dug up, the original 1979 promo video for “Dream Police”:

The 70s really were something, weren’t they?

By the way, the MOB arrangement of “Dream Police” was used as a partial soundtrack for the following video, which was the focal point of last week’s halftime show.

“Dream Police” accompanied the silent segment that begins after the line “Come with me if you want to live”. This was one of the more fun shows to perform, and it got a nice reaction.

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  1. Cheap Trick, easily one of the least appreciated great bands in rock history.

  2. ttrentham says:

    ACL Season 36 starts this weekend and Cheap Trick did a taping back in March. I was lucky enough to go and posted a review. I expect it’ll air before the end of the year.