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Friday random ten: The final frontier

This is a little late, as this was happening while I was doing the Songs of the Century, but here’s my tribute to the last flight of the space shuttle:

1. Space Oddity – David Bowie
2. Space Truckin’ – Deep Purple
3. Outer Space – Ace Frehley
4. Hillbillies From Outer Space – The Vaughan Brothers
5. Pipes In Space – The Rogues
6. Spacemen Rockin’ In The House Next Door – Feo y Loco
7. Planet Claire – The B-52’s
8. Rocket Man – Kate Bush
9. Fly Me To The Moon – Trinity University Jazz Band
10. See The Constellation – They Might Be Giants

In more timely news, the Rice University MOB gave tribute to NASA at its show this past Friday, which involved the creation of a 2/3 scale model of the International Space Station, rendered in cardboard and laid out on the football field. Here’s the video:

Can your band do that?

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