From the “If you don’t have anything good to say” department

What were you thinking, Jim?

Meet Jim Sharp, a Houston state appellate judge running for the Texas Supreme Court as the Dems’ challenger against the recently appointed Debra Lehrmann, a Republican.

In an interview with the American-Statesman editorial board, Sharp expressed doubts about Democratic gubernatorial nominee Bill White and deep skepticism about Linda Chavez-Thompson, the party’s nominee for lieutenant governor.

You can click over to see the details; there’s video as well, so no question about context. Sharp has already lost some votes as a result of this, and I’m sure he’ll be hearing it for a long time to come. I’ll just say this much: Everyone involved in politics should have a clear and realistic view of how their team is likely to do in a given election, however optimistic or pessimistic it may be. Everyone involved in politics should be able to offer a detailed and thoughtful critique of candidates in whose races they have an interest. And everyone involved in politics should know instinctively when it’s a good idea to share these thoughts with people who can and will publish them for the whole world to see and when it’s not. I say this as someone who publishes four or five of his own thoughts on the Internets every day. You should see the things I think of but don’t publish. Actually, you shouldn’t – that’s the point. Got that, Jim?

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2 Responses to From the “If you don’t have anything good to say” department

  1. Jim Henley says:

    I am a supporter and friend of Jim Sharp. I plan to vote for him. Even though the damage is done, I hope that he will find a way to revise and extend his remarks. Not only was Jim wrong to state his views publically, he was just wrong about Bill White.
    I really would like to see Kuff’s uncensored thoughts!

  2. Mini says:

    Well said Kuff! You *shouldn’t* hear most of what’s running through my head most of the time!

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