Judicial Q&A: Bruce Mosier

(Note: I am running a series of Q&As for Democratic judicial candidates on the November ballot. I am running these responses in the order that I receive them from the candidates. These Q&As are primarily intended for candidates who were not in contested primaries. You can see those earlier Q&As, as well as all the ones in this series and all my recorded interviews for this cycle, on my 2010 Elections page.)

1. Who are you, and what are you running for?

My name is Bruce Mosier. I am a candidate for Judge of County Civil Court at Law No. 4 of Harris County, Texas, in the 2010 Election.

2. What kind of cases does this court hear?

This is a civil court having jurisdiction of cases originating in Harris County, Texas, in the following areas:

1. exclusive appellate jurisdiction over cases that originated in a Justice of the Peace Court and over final rulings and decisions of the Texas Workforce Commission;
2. concurrent jurisdiction (with District Courts) over involving suits in which damages of more than $500.00 but not exceeding $100,000.00, exclusive of interest, statutory or punitive damages and penalties, attorneys fees and costs, sought;
3. exclusive jurisdiction over both statutory and inverse eminent domain (condemnation) suits;
4. suits to decide the issue of title to real or personal property;
5. suits to recover damages for slander or defamation of character;
6. suits for the enforcement of a lien on real property;
7. suits for forfeiture of a corporate charter;
8. suits for the trial of the right to property valued at $200 or more than has been levied on under a writ execution, sequestration, or attachment; and
9. suits for the recovery of real property.

3. Why are you running for this particular bench?

I am well qualified to sit as Judge of a County Civil Court at Law, having tried many cases in these courts in Harris County. I have appeared before all four (4) of the present, sitting County Civil Court at Law Judges, have studied their records, have sought the counsel of many other attorneys, and have focused on County Civil Court at Law No. 4.

4. What are your qualifications for this job?

I am a Board Certified Residential and Commercial Real Estate lawyer and have handled eminent domain and other real estate matters (as well as many other kinds of cases) in the County Civil Courts at Law in Harris County during all of my long (45 year) career. I have served, individual, corporate and governmental clients from both sides of the docket for all of that time. I have also served as a court appointed Mediator in many cases.

5. Why is this race important?

The majority of lawsuits involve claims of less than $100,000.00 and, consequently, the decisions of these courts impact ordinary citizens seeking to resolve conflicts in their lives. They deserve better judges than presently occupies the bench in this court. I will take with me many years of experience, love of the law, compassion for people and their problems and a strong belief that they are entitled to be treated fairly and courteously by the judge of the court. I will also bring to the court my strong belief in the rights of citizens that are guaranteed by the State and Federal Constitutions.

6. Why should people vote for you in November?

I have the education, training and experience to handle all of the cases to come before County Civil Court at Law No. 4. I have the judicial demeanor and civil temperament, compassion and understanding that the court deserves. I understand the grief and tragedy experienced by all of us as we travel life’s roads and understand that the courthouse can be an intimidating place. My role, as Judge of the County Civil Court at Law No. 4, will be to smooth away as much of that intimidation as I can when problems are handed to me, to treat litigants and their attorneys with the dignity and respect to which all of us are entitled, until we prove otherwise. Applying the law fairly and impartially is not enough. Judges must be willing and able to listen, to give undivided attention to the cries of the litigants, to sort through the complaints and to apply the law to the facts with compassion, courtesy and understand, while adhering to the law. I pledge to be that kind of Judge.

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  1. Marty Campbell says:

    Bruce’s ability to listen until he hears will serve those in his courtroom well. He remains enthusiastic about the law and is not burdened with political obligations.

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