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Keller takes a victory lap

She’s still blaming others and lying about the facts.

Texas’ top criminal judge said Tuesday that she feels vindicated that a special court dismissed a public reprimand of her for closing her court and preventing lawyers from filing a last-minute appeal hours before their client was executed.

“What happened to me shouldn’t happen to any judge,” Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Presiding Judge Sharon Keller told The Associated Press during an interview at her courthouse office.


“I always felt once I got before a neutral judge, someone who hadn’t prejudged me, I’d be in pretty good shape,” she said. “And in fact, that’s how it turned out.”

Yes, thank God for her that she didn’t get in front of a judge like Sharon Keller, who would have given the back of her hand to her pathetic arguments. What a truly despicable human being she is.

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