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More single stream recycling

I love seeing this program get expanded.

The city is expanding by 30,000 the number of households that can participate in its single-stream recycling program, which soon is expected to reach more than one out of every four Houston homes.

The automated program allows citizens to place glass, paper, plastic containers, aluminum and cardboard into 96-gallon bins that are picked up by city recycling trucks and later sorted by Houston-based Waste Management. An average of 1,400 tons of garbage per month have been diverted from landfills through the program.


City officials have said recycling participation has more than doubled in some neighborhoods that have switched to the single-stream program.

“We’ve got people clamoring for it because it’s a lot more convenient,” said Gary Readore, chief of staff in the city’s Solid Waste Management Department. “It’s a popular program and the participation rate is high.”

Nearly a third of households has this now. We got our single stream recycling wheely bins last week. Thanks in part to some glass and cardboard that we had accumulated to take to recycling centers ourselves, it’s already almost full. This is a long-run winner on many counts, and I hope it will keep spreading to the rest of the city.

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  2. Ginger says:

    We love the single-stream recycling here in Austin. The complex we were living in didn’t take glass and not having to take glass has simplified our recycling efforts a lot.

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