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Weekend link dump for January 23

You can’t stop Hammertime. You can only hope to contain it.

The Perry Spiral, on the other hand, you can hope to stop.

Would you like a nice Chianti with your superconductor?

Yahoo! says Flickr is doing fine. I sure hope they mean it.

Is Facebook the same as “AOL done right”? I dunno, but see what you think.

When the name fits

“Pro-life”? Yeah, right.

A public option for banking makes a lot of sense. Some municipalities already do something like this, so extending it shouldn’t be too difficult.

No McMansions for Millennials. I hope so, but check back in 20 years when they’re hitting middle age and let me know if that’s still the case.

From the “Things you shouldn’t say on Twitter” department.

I didn’t think I could get more emotional about Christina Taylor Green. I was wrong.

Who is the cultural elite? Maybe not who you think.

“Erick Erickson hates Big Government so much that he got a job in it and then didn’t show up. Hah! He wins.”

Note to self: Don’t invest in any company this guy is associated with.

This was an excellent week to be reminded what a miserable, racist jerk Jesse Helms was.

Free Market Health Care would lead to an awful lot of people not being able to get health care.

Just a reminder of what the “repeal” of the PPACA Republicans voted to do would mean. Not to mention what it means about them.

For starters, it would directly hurt the millions of people who have already benefited from the new law.

There have been many individual mandates throughout our history.

From the “Put up or shut up” department.

I think The Borrowed Goats would make an excellent band name.

The down side of having a snarky nature.

The wonk gap. Not the same as the hack gap, but at least as pernicious.

Teabaggers don’t like teh ghey very much.

Because it cannot be said enough: The vast majority of so-called “fiscal conservatives” and “deficit hawks” are massive phonies.

Guess who hates the Senate now?

Life in the bizarro world version of New York City.

I’ll definitely add this to my TiVo season pass list.

Bromances are good for you.

The ridiculous pedestrian fatalities kerfuffle.

Jeb Hensarling is an idiot.

The so-called “Ryan Roadmap” would drive us straight into a ditch.

“Tone” is only part of the problem.

I’m not a fan of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, but the vitriolic hatred that’s being spewed by the usual mouthbreathers over a judicial nomination he made is truly appalling.

And with that, I wish you all a Happy National Pie Day! Why it isn’t on March 14, however, I couldn’t tell you.

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