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Defining “emergency” down

Governor Perry finds a few more “emergencies” for the Lege to deal with.

Today, Gov. Rick Perry added two more issues, including controversial voter ID legislation, to his list of “emergency items” that legislators can begin deliberating on right away instead of waiting until after the first 60 days of the session.

He also wants legislators to get cracking on legislation encouraging an amendment to the U.S. Constitution requiring the federal budget be balanced. Already on the “emergency items” list are reforming eminent domain laws and abolishing sanctuary cities.

I understand that he was going to include an item about “finding the damn remote for the TV”, but then someone reminded him that his wife had confiscated it because his channel-surfing annoyed her. Hey, it’s no less urgent than anything else he’s identified so far.

There’s nothing to stop the GOP from finally getting the voter ID legislation it’s been dreaming about since 2005, and there’s no point in noting how stupid the whole thing is any more. If you believe that swarms of illegal aliens are going from precinct to precinct casting ballots in the name of dead people and fictional characters in an effort to throw elections to the Democrats – except, one presumes, in 2010 – there’s nothing I can say that will change your mind. Naturally, the Senate will take it up first thing Monday, because who knows how many elections those illegal aliens could steal if they wait any longer. As for the balanced budget nonsense, beyond the economic illiteracy of the idea, I will simply note that for some reason, this was not considered an emergency in 2003, 2005, or 2007. I will leave it to you to decide why that may be. Juanita and Abby Rapoport have more.

UPDATE: Harold brings some quality snark to the issue. You will no doubt be delighted to know that after declaring this emergency, Rick Perry jetted off to Vegas to sell some books and hobnob with the swells. Because that’s what leaders do in emergencies.

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  1. Aggie Dem says:

    It will become a problem for Democrats, not because people who are not supposed to vote are voting, but becasue many of our lowest income folks do not have ID. They get their driver’s licenses taken away by the Republican sur-taxes, or they cannot afford the high Republican fees (taxes) to pay for the ID card.

    I block walked many low income areas in the last election and was surprised at how many times I was asked by registered voters if ID was required to vote, because they did not have one. In the current budget mess we are in, do you think that these now required ID’s are going to be paid for by the state?

    This ID issue is going to be the next form of poll-tax.

  2. texaschick says:

    Perhaps Dems need to have a project voter ID in Texas to assist these individuals in obtaining a photo ID? Get Out the Vote, Get Out the Voter ID.
    “If you are younger than 60, the fee for an ID card is $16. Your card will expire in six years.”

  3. texaschick says:

    House GOP Group Would Decimate Key Services
    January 21, 2011 at 11:03 am

    I wish they would generate a report on the proposed Texas Budget cuts.

  4. […] Along with eminent domain and abolishing so-called sanctuary cities, Gov. Rick Perry threw two more so-called emergency items into the mix Thursday afternoon – voter ID and a state resolution proposing a U.S. constitutional amendment that would require the federal government to balance its budget. Because they’re “emergencies,” lawmakers can begin debating these issues as early as they’d like, without having to wait 60 days. Perry’s definition of emergency, however, has some wondering whether he’s being political rather than sensible. [Texas Observer] [Off the Kuff] […]