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Ethics ID

According to Martha, State Rep. Ken Legler (R, HD144) has filed HB1036, which would require two forms of ID to file an ethics complaint with the TEC. Who knew that ethics complaint fraud was so rampant in Texas? Clearly, our Attorney General has fallen down on the job in investigating this. I just want to know if Rep. Legler would accept an amendment to allow a concealed handgun license as an acceptable form of ID for these purposes. Because that’s how we roll around here.

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  1. Michael says:

    Perhaps they ought to require two forms of ID and a field sobriety test to vote in the Texas House and Senate Chambers…

  2. j.davis says:

    You should have read the bill.

    The section of the law that the bill contains a new amendment of the law (SECTION 2 of the bill) relates to the dismissal of a complaint.

    SECTION 1 of the bill reflects current law relating to the eligibility of a person to file an ethics complaint. SECTION 1 of the bill basically rewrites Section 571.122(b-1), Government Code, as that section was amended by two different bills that passed during the 81st Regular Session, to give effect to both bills.

    Also, Section 571.122(b-1) does not require two forms of identification. Your attention is drawn to the “one of the following documents” on page 1, lines 11 and 12, and to the word “or” on page 1, line 22.

    You should really have read the bill.

  3. Dude. It’s called a “joke”.