Fantasy Map 2.0

Here’s Greg’s most recent attempt at drawing new City Council lines. We’ll get an idea of what the Planning Department has in mind shortly – speaking of which, here are the demographics of the current districts, taken from their data – but this ought to tide you over until then. Check it out.

Another thing that everybody should be doing in the meantime is give some thought to what kind of Council district you would like to see your own neighborhood be placed in. In my neck of the woods, there’s a group calling itself One Heights, One District, which is advocating as follows:

As the City goes through the redistricting process, it’s important that the Mayor and City Council know that we want the Heights to be in one single member district. It just makes sense. But just because it makes sense doesn’t mean it’ll get done, unless we ask for it.

If history is the judge of success, it takes a vocal group at every community forum in order to be successful. It need not be large, but we do need a group at every meeting to state our case: we want the Heights kept together as one in whichever district it ends up in.

They are looking for volunteers to show up at one or more of these community forums and other public meetings to express that viewpoint. If you are interested, go here and fill out the form. You can’t get what you want if no one knows that you want it, so if you have a preference, now is the time to speak up about it.

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