Death from above, feral hog edition

The Lege takes action on the feral hog problem with a bill that would allow more people to shoot them from helicopters.

The Texas House [Monday] gave preliminary approval to House Bill 716. The measure passed 137-9 with no debate.


Texas’ estimated one to four million feral hogs cause $400 million in damage a year in Texas, said the bill’s author, Rep. Sid Miller, R-Stephenville. They are in virtually every county in the state, according to the bill’s official analysis.

Miller said hogs are not just a rural problem: The animals are also moving into suburban areas. Call it “swine flight.” (Please note: This is not a reference to pigs flying.)

Currently, landowners are allowed to shoot hogs from choppers, but they have to supply the gunner and cannot sell the seat. Miller’s bill would allow the gunner’s seat to be sold.

I smell a revenue opportunity here. Unfortunately, HB716 doesn’t specify that the state get a cut of that action. Too bad. See the Chron story and the Trib for more, and see this YouTube video, helpfully left as a comment on this post, to see a guy in a helicopter attempting to shoot feral hogs. It’s harder than you think.

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