The 2011 interview season has begun

As of this week, I will begin interviewing candidates for the 2011 elections. At the top of the site, you can see the 2011 Election page, where I will be keeping track of interviews, endorsements, campaign finance reports, and possibly some other things as they occur to me. I just have City of Houston candidates listed for now, with that being subject to change up to the filing deadline. HISD and HCC Trustee candidates will be added later. If you see any errors or omissions, please let me know – I do the best I can, but the Google sometimes fails me.

I’m going to get to as many candidates as I can, but I cannot and will not get to everybody. This effort takes a lot of my time, and I make the best use of it that I can. I welcome your feedback, but do please remember I’m just one person doing this on his own. I hope you find these interviews useful and informative, and may the best candidates win.

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3 Responses to The 2011 interview season has begun

  1. byron schirmbeck says:

    thanks for your hard work on that, I have always enjoyed listening to the audio of the interviews you have done in the past. You aren’t doing it for nothing, they are very helpful.

  2. Noel Freeman says:

    You can Add Michael “Griff” Griffin to AL 2. He has decided to run again and is actively campaigning. I’ll try to check again at Anna Russell’s office tomorrow, but I’m essentially the only person in the office at lunch these days and it is almost impossible for me to leave my office long enough to check.

  3. joshua bullard says:

    charles kuffner,my group is very interested in hearing you interview these three canidates ,1-eric dick 2-elizabeth perez 3-brian c weren please ask them very diffintive questions because my group is very concerned as to where they stand on the tough issues,thanks joshua ben bullard.
    i have spoken with brian c weren and his answers where extremlly “gaurded” and non-forthcoming,he has even stated that he will never vote to raise taxes,charles kuffner,if possible please ask this canidate the tough questions as only you know how to….extrmelly worried about brians werens true intentions to run for office.respectfully submitted joshua bullard.

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