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The TRCC sunset hearings

As we know, the Texas Residential Construction Commission (TRCC) is up for review by the Sunset Committee in the House, which has made an initial recommendation that it be scrapped. The agency got to defend itself at a public hearing yesterday.

The [report] said the construction commission is harming consumers by making them go through a lengthy inspection and negotiation process before they can file a lawsuit against a builder.

“You’re better off just letting (the construction commission) go because it’s unfixable,” said Joey Longley, executive director of the sunset commission.

Rep. Ruth Jones McClendon, a member of the Sunset Commission, said she thinks the agency can be revamped to protect consumers.

The San Antonio Democrat proposed making the inspection and remediation process optional and not a prerequisite for civil litigation.

“It is much too early in this agency’s history to suggest that no matter what the Legislature does, the TRCC cannot be granted the legislative powers it needs to help homeowners with building disputes,” said McClendon.

If I had any reason to believe that the TRCC served a purpose other than to prevent homeowners from taking negligent builders to court, I might be inclined to sympathize with Rep. Jones McClendon’s perspective. But there isn’t any reason to believe that, so I see no reason to waste energy trying to fix something that is already working as intended. Admit it was a bad idea and move on. The Observer and John Coby, who extensively liveblogged the proceedings, have more.

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  1. Marcia says:

    Texans for Public Justice sent out a watch that will allow people to see why this useless agency will continue on. Those of us that attended the hearings were appalled how these builders and commissioners just patted each other on the back to say job well done. Commissioner Brown was way over the top in suck ups. Some of the elected officals seemed to have spoken only because they like to hear themselves. Many of their comments and questions were irrelevant to the testimony.
    If someone knows Rep. Kolkhorst please let her know chomping on chewing gum is really unprofessional whe she is in her state rep. mode.

  2. cb says:

    Can you please let us know what steps take place when an agency or other entity sunsets? I understand there are hearings but then does the state house vote as to whether an agency survives? If not, how is survival or extinction determined. Thanks

  3. Marcia says:

    This is a good link so you can get the full picture. You will notice it states most commissions will automatically be abolished if that is the recommendation of Sunset, but we are talking about the homebuilders.
    Just FYI-John Coby has a comprehensive blog on his Bay Area Blogspot almost minute by minute to the testimony, and I can verify he did not embellish one bit.
    Senator Hinajosa was truly the consumer advocate on that panel. As for the rest of elected officals who feel a need to continue wasting taxpayers $ and tweaking as a thank-you for their war chests you can bet on more people being victimized.